Educate Yourself and Your Staff

A well-planned and properly implemented social media strategy can drastically transform a company’s online brand. It has the capacity to turn a local, small-scale business into an international brand name. On the same token, it can destroy a company’s reputation just as easily if that company chooses to ignore what customers are saying about them online.

A better option is to be proactive and get on the social portals before your customers start talking about you and, if possible, before your competitors start utilizing social media, which will put you in a leading position. But before a social media strategy can be implemented, the first step is to educate yourself and your staff members on social media.


Appoint a Team of Social Media Gurus

Your company’s senior management executives must select a team who will become your in-house social media gurus. These individuals will operate as your internal social media researchers, who will go out, get educated on social media and share that knowledge with the rest of your staff. Qualities to look for when selecting your team of social media gurus include:

Those who are curious, innovative and display a strong interest in new media tools
Those who practice social media in their personal lives
Those who are self-learners and can teach themselves to stay up-to-speed
Those who are comfortable training and educating their peers

Depending on the size of your company, it is recommended that you select a minimum of 3-4 individuals to compile your team of social media gurus. This way, multiple people in your company are equipped with social media intelligence, which is better than relying solely on one person.

Enable Your Social Media Gurus to Get Educated

There are a variety of marketing agencies out there that offer a wide range of training
opportunities, including conferences, hands-on workshops and online training courses. In addition, there are a number of free online tutorials covering the basics of social media . If you’re serious about social media, it would be a good idea to invest in educating your team of social media gurus. Since your team will likely be a group of curious, innovative self-learners, commission them to research social media basics online. Once the basic principles are understood, take advantage of external training opportunities available. Don’t think of sending your staff to these events as an expense, but rather as an investment into your company’s social media strategy.

Have Your Gurus Educate the Rest of the Staff

Though not every staff member in your Marketing Team will be actively implementing your social media strategy, it’s wise to have your staff get educated on social media anyway. Therefore, once your team of gurus are well trained on social media, have them train your other staff members on what they’ve learned. There will likely be two levels of training required:

•    Level 1: High Level Overview for General Knowledge
•    Level 2: Advanced, Hands-on Training for Implementation Purposes

Our workshops will expand on these issues, to help your company get started with social media, Emarkable has created this Social Media Strategy Workshop that contains best practices, checklists, templates, tools and resources book a consultation.