Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics

There are no standards when it comes to measuring your success on your social portals but below is a list of the top metrics you should be measuring if you are interested in learning how successful social media is in generating awareness for your company.

Incoming Traffic– # of visitors that are coming to your company site from social portals (check referrer data).

 Incoming Links– Conduct a linking report to see how your linking has increased since participating in social media and outline which ones specifically are coming from social portals and blogs.

 Reader Engagement – Look at the # of conversations, retweets and comments you have sparked as a result of postings you have made.

 Connections – Number of connections, followers and members you have across your social media profiles. Also consider which ones are mutual across social portals.

Even with web analytics tools, you don’t have all the tools necessary to get started tracking analytics related to social media. Why not add some more tools to your inventory that track detailed social metrics? Some suggestions:

• When you use a URL shortener, it’s always a smart idea to use one that has analytics information, like This will track information like number of clicks, traffic sources, and even at what time clicks occur.

•    Xinureturns: Despite the funny Scientology-inspired name, xinureturns provides a great dashboard overview of your website’s standing in social media. Run a report and you will receive information on Technorati, Google Pagerank, Diggs, and even back links to your website.

•    PostRank: Formerly known as AideRSS, PostRank provides detailed information on Tweets, stumbles, diggs, and FriendFeed all in one place. It’s best for blogs and websites with a lot of content.

•    SocialToo: SocialToo is a comprehensive tool for creating social surveys and tracking social stats. It also will send you a daily email describing follows and unfollows on Twitter.

Our workshops will expand on these issues, to help your company get started with social media, Emarkable has created this Social Media Strategy Workshop that contains best practices, checklists, templates, tools and resources book a consultation.