Staying Legal

Legal Uncertainties and Considerations

Social media is largely untested in the Irish legal system so there is a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace.


Consumer Protection

Commercial communications/advertisements must be
•  Lawful •  Honest •  Decent •  Truthful

Data Protection and Privacy

Personal information collected from users on-line (e.g. form filling, competition entries) is personal data, companies need to adhere to the data protection acts.


Blogs and posts can be defamatory. Tracing bloggers and those responsible for postings can often be impossible. Who is liable for a website/social media page for a posting?

Relevant Laws

Copyright is an exclusive right to copy, make available to public and adapt and consent is required. This is different to the current culture of ‘free’ on the internet


4Cs of Employer Internal Social Media Policies

•  Consider •  Create •  Communicate •  Comply

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